Organic Coffee Mixed Bag Processing



Sumatra has a unique combination of coffee processing methods. Each one gives the coffee beans a chance to develop a different cup profile. Skilled final processing and consistent quality control give all of our beans a clean finish and superior grading. The coffees you drink from our regions are the ones you will rely on everyday for your morning cup, espressos’ and desert coffees.


Organic Coffee is not just about the growing, we use ECO friendly methods for processing cherries and beans and use all the waste for composting our farm. Water used for processing is carefully recycled. Part of our mission is to create great coffee responsibly.


Patio Sun Drying the parchment and hand sorting the hulled green beans is the final step to a superior bean quality. It’s all in the details.


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We’re Back

A busy fall planting and processing season has kept us in the fields and away from the computers. We’ve been enjoying some great growing conditions and bountiful harvests.

                                Rushing to and from the farm on Mariah Dolok

Leo has also been busy working with local Direct Trade partners to improve crop maintenance techniques and grow organically. Things are changing in Simalungun North Sumatra, for the better.

                                 Organic Sigara Rutang Shaded Arabica

A trip to USA in late summer to visit some specialty coffee roasters was highlighted by new friendships and GREAT coffee. Our facebook page will soon share links to coffee shops you may want to check out.

                             Coffee roasting is an art when you care about flavor.

Please visit us at to read more about our region and the coffees available from North Sumatra Indonesia. Our dot com site is under construction for eCommerce and will be ready later this year. We will feature Chemex and Hario products along with our own roasted kopi luwak coffee.

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Summertime Sensations

Cold brew coffees are gaining popularity in specialty roast coffee shops across America. We looked at some cold brew equipment and discovered a new way to enjoy our favorite arabicas. Just chill. This beauty makes 25 cups! You can use the same idea and make cold brew coffee at home.

Leo Loves Coffee mixed with ice cream, here is one of his favorite summer drinks from our friends at Macehat in Medan. Of course, summertime means grilling great food to go with those iced coffees. We love Satay!!

Don’t forget to try iced coffee at home this summer. You can create great coffee ice cream drinks  for cooling down and chilling out.

Look for home brewing equipment on our ecommerce site. Going Live this fall. We will have great coffee recipes and brewing guides too.

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Single Origin Coffee

This term, mainly used by growers and roasters, describes a coffee variety that is from one specific geographic region. True single origin coffee has a distinctive flavor characteristic that makes it identifiable and sought after. You really can taste the difference in the cup.

Our coffee is considered single origin estate because all our beans are grown on the same farm. We represent other growers in the region who have micro-lots of organic arabica that are high quality single origin variety.

When single origin beans are roasted by an experienced roaster, their true taste nuances become the flavor and aroma signature of the geographic regions the beans are grown in. Just like single estate wines, single origin coffees offer a signature taste you can appreciate and enjoy.

Look for it at your favorite roaster today, find out what you’ve been missing. You may never go back to blended coffee.

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French Press for Two

The French Press has been around a long time for a reason, it is an excellent way to brew coffee. Water temperature 92C, poured slowly over your grinds. Wait about 3 minutes for the brew to develop and the crema to form. My favorite way to enjoy a coffee is the french press. Each of us has our own particular way to tweak the prep to make it our own. Here in Sumatra, a bold coffee goes well with a local delicacy, Lapis Legit or layer cake. This is Leo’s fave.

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Ben and Jeri

In Indonesia the civet (chi-vet) is known as the luwak. Luwaks are unique animals. These little animals are the source of some of the finest coffee in the world. Leo and I have adopted two siblings we have named ben and jeri. These little guys are now part of our home in Seribu Dolok. They already trust leo completely and will eat out of his hand and allow him to pet them. Luwaks are nocturnal animals, so it is hard to get good pics of them at night. Oshin is still trying to figure them out. Daisy just knows they don’t eat any of HER food, so she is cool with them.

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Crossing Toba Lake to Samosir

Each day the Ferry brings visitors to Samosir Island from the larger surrounding Island of Sumatra. Many People in the village come into the ferry station for a coffee and a smoke and the latest news. Take a ride with us across Lake Toba to our future home of Tele, Samosir Island Sumatra. Selamat-Datang everyone.


Selamat Datang-Welcome

ferry to samosir island


ferry station coffee break

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