Fully Washed Coffee | Natural Process Coffee

Fully Washed Coffee | Natural Process Coffee

Our natural processed coffees are the best in flavor and finish. The varietals grown in Simalungun are typically sweet with citrus notes when they are processed the traditional semi wash and wet hull method. What we found with the natural process is a more complex flavor profile that has a brighter acidity that is usually more tangy than winey and includes notes of apricot, tangerine, vanilla and a bit of spice and herbal notes. The finish is long and syrupy with the naturals and the body is lighter.


3 washing pulped parchment

Fully washed coffee profiles from Simalungun varietals are also very different from the Semi washed / wet hulled profiles. Fully washed doesn’t happen often here because there isn’t a facility set-up in the region. What people are doing on a small scale is fully washing the parchment in several tubs and drying it to 13% to 15% for dry hulling. The coffee becomes a delicate low acidity, low body clean cup. The citrus notes are replaced by herbal notes and some floral sweetness. So far we have not found a way to maintain the long finish with the fully washed method.


About lisaleo

Organic Arabica Coffee growers in Simalungun, North Sumatra. We are Licensed Q Graders and Members of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia.
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