Single Origin Coffee

This term, mainly used by growers and roasters, describes a coffee variety that is from one specific geographic region. True single origin coffee has a distinctive flavor characteristic that makes it identifiable and sought after. You really can taste the difference in the cup.

Our coffee is considered single origin estate because all our beans are grown on the same farm. We represent other growers in the region who have micro-lots of organic arabica that are high quality single origin variety.

When single origin beans are roasted by an experienced roaster, their true taste nuances become the flavor and aroma signature of the geographic regions the beans are grown in. Just like single estate wines, single origin coffees offer a signature taste you can appreciate and enjoy.

Look for it at your favorite roaster today, find out what you’ve been missing. You may never go back to blended coffee.


About lisaleo

Organic Arabica Coffee growers in Simalungun, North Sumatra. We are Licensed Q Graders and Members of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia.
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