What are you drinking?

It looks like coffee, it smells okay and with extra creamer and another sugar it’s drinkable. Sound familiar? Why settle for the sludge when you can enjoy a flavorful cup of quality brew for only pennies more, even in the workplace. We don’t mean that fancy takeout cup either.










The words “Specialty Coffee” can send all kinds of messages, the one we want you to focus in on is “coffee”, sure you only drink coffee for the caffeine right? Ever wonder why you need so many cups to get you going? The average supermarket coffee is a blend of coffee beans and other fillers and flavorings that create a weak cup of coffee. When you purchase Specialty Coffee beans and have them ground or better yet grind them yourself, you get the full punch of the caffeine and a much more flavorful cup of coffee or expresso.

The average caffeine content for arabica beans is less than 1%, while robusta has an average of 2%. After the manufacturer has blended the beans with fillers and flavorings (coffee is sold by weight) your caffeine content has just dropped below 1% and your coffee flavor is barely there and replaced with something unrecognizable yet vaguely familiar. Don’t settle for ordinary. Try Lisa and Leo’s Organic Arabica Coffee.


About lisaleo

Organic Arabica Coffee growers in Simalungun, North Sumatra. We are Licensed Q Graders and Members of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia.
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