Lisa and Leos Organic Coffee

We are coffee lovers! After years of working in corporate jobs we decided to pursue our dream of having our own coffee farm.

We cleaned out the savings accounts and sold our home; condo; cars and furniture.
We gave away most of our possessions, keeping the dogs and the handsome son, we need him for hard labor. The dogs will be employed with saddle bags for water bottles and what not.
After many delays, we leave for Sumatra Indonesia in July. A paradise and the perfect place to grow some of the most flavorful and aromatic arabica coffee in the world.
Our trip there in November 2009 revealed hidden treasures we did not expect. The people of the Samosir and Lake Toba regions of Sumatra are some of the most humble, welcoming, and industrious people you will encounter anywhere in the world. Sharing their homes and hospitality with strangers, encouraging you to come back again. Well, we are-to make a home and a business that will fulfill our dreams and hopefully help some of the coffee growers in the area to expand theirs.
Lisa and Leo’s Organic Coffee will of course be a certified organic farm, but we also plan our start up company as a certified green company as well.
Solar power!! and of course WATER BUFFALOS! yes that’s right, our choice for heavy equipment will have a name and a personality.
We welcome comments and info on solar energy, green companies for networking, organic farming, and the country of Indonesia.

Welcome to our story.
Lisa and Leo


About lisaleo

Organic Arabica Coffee growers in Simalungun, North Sumatra. We are Licensed Q Graders and Members of Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia.
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6 Responses to Lisa and Leos Organic Coffee

  1. I want some coffee, when can I expect my first batch. It neccessarily doesn’t have to be Leo/Lisa organic, but true Indonesian/Sumatran sent to me would be great. Love you guys, hope all is well. Tell Daisy and Ocean I miss them. And WADE is the Man

  2. Jenn says:

    Leo – what exciting news!! Congratulations! (and hugs to Oshin, of course).

  3. twk333 says:

    dude!!! … you guys are awesome! …

  4. georgia says:

    Hey guys, how goes it? I need some news.

    • lisaleo says:

      hey sis,
      love the mountains of Indonesia and the cell reception! internet is on its way here but not here yet. you know my my brilliant husband, he has a plan. We finally have enough internet speed to post updates. spread the word. love ya

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